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We, the Individual Parents

​​​Each and everyone of us has been shaped by our parents, home environment, social, religious and family values, cultural background, education and personal goals. This is what makes us unique and individual. We see and interpret and relate to the world and people around us through our one of a kind lens of life experiences.

Parent and Child Relationship

A special subset of our interpersonal relationships is the area of Parenting. Here the parent is dealing with a child who has a full fledged mind of its own, yet the mind, just as the body, needs to be cared for. This mind is very impressionable, and whether you signed up for it or not, you are a role model to this child. Most of the time we function on auto pilot, otherwise known as habits. If we had to make every choice anew everyday nothing would get done. But in the realm of parenting, autopilot needs to be turned way low to increase sensitivity to the child’s psychological needs of allaying anxiety, reassurance, stability and other such concerns. The parent needs to provide constructive and appropriate guidance to help the child resolve whatever issue(s) may underlie his concerns.

Aware and Effective Parent
I have been a practicing psychologist for thirty years. I have professionally treated children and families in the clinics, hospitals, as well as schools. The variety of problems of child behaviors included difficulties in parent child interactions, social and peer relationships and emotional problems like stress, anxiety etc. There were some common themes running through these scenarios. I felt that if I made the parents aware of the right sort of information in a forthright manner, it would raise their awareness and help them deal with problems as they arise and before they become full blown crises. I have  written three books to this end.

Cues & Clues To Children's Behaviors
In this book, I deal with parenting issues in a comprehensive manner. Read more on Cues & Clues page or the links below.
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Stress In Children-Causes, Prevention & Intervention:
Even though the topic of stress in Children is covered in my first book, I realized that this topic deserved a much more comprehensive treatment. Read more on Stress In Children page or the links below.

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Bloom In Kindergarten:
Kindergarten can be one of the most important year in the child’s psychological and mental growth. A properly mentally prepared child with a resilient mindset and skills could go a long way towards achieving his or her potential. Read more on Bloom In Kindergarten page.

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