Salma Bhalla, Ph.D.

I am a clinical child psychologist. I have treated children in my private practice and clinical settings. I have written three parenting books. I have been a speaker at professional and community events. I have given training to teachers in classroom management skills, to recognize certain student behaviors that may hinder learning. Building effective parenting skills, improving parent child relations, and guiding the parents to build skills in their children to properly deal with everyday problems have been some of the presentation topics.

I received my doctorate from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts. U Mass clinical psychology program was one of the few programs to have a children’s clinic. I was fortunate to be able to train in that clinic as a graduate assistant and to acquire additional practical experience beside the usual advanced theoretical coursework and internship.
Upon graduation, I started working for a clinic in Holyoke, Mass. This was an upscale, small New England town. I worked with children and their families. The director was a brilliant man and he made the work both challenging and exciting. I enjoyed my work and I felt fully satisfied in my choice of the career.
After a couple of years we, I had a family by then, moved to Phoenix, AZ. I joined a mental health center to assess, and treat children and families with psychological problems. The clinic also had contracts with inner city schools. I consulted with the school personnel to provide psychological services to the students and the staff as the Director of a children’s prevention program. I was touched by the personal generosity and caring that the staff showed towards helping the children.
From the mental health center, I moved to a private clinic which was affiliated with a medical practice group. I spent ten years in that set up doing clinical assessments, treatment, training, and consultations. After that I decided to take a break from clinical practice to write parenting books. 
In my practice, I have treated thousands of children from diverse economic, social and cultural backgrounds. At times both parent and the child needed help; the parent in learning skills of communication and relationship to support the children in whatever behavior correction was needed to get over stress, depression, attention difficulties etc. and to build self esteem.
I have found my work rewarding and satisfying. It is a great feeling to have helped someone deal with their difficulties. The positive feedback from my clients, parents and children, were also a big part of it. 
I have a beautiful family. My children have grown up to be respected, successful professionals in their fields with families of their own. I have led an active life. Traveling with my husband and children to new places, meeting new people and experiencing new adventures has always been a source of pleasure to me. Most importantly, I have the love of my family. All in all, it has been a fabulous ride and I am grateful to providence for that.

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