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Around four million children enroll in Kindergarten every year. This is their first step on the ladder of education and self-growth. While the school has the responsibility and means to provide structure and education within a syllabus, it is not the only player on the scene. The parents also have a huge role in enabling their child experience this new environment in a happy and positive way to maximize his potential as a well-rounded human being.
Your child is encountering a new environment where there are rules and expectations set by the teacher. There are twenty or so other children of varying temperament in class. Your child will not only learn alphabet and numbers, he will also have to learn to work as a team member, join a group in play, make friends and control his behavior to conform to teacher’s expectations. This is a lot of new stuff being thrown at a little child.
To keep the child from getting overwhelmed, the parents need to help him develop a resilient mindset. A resilient child will bounce back quickly from any setbacks, disappointments or frustrations and will not let incidents become hindrances to his future learning and growth. He will maintain a positive and balanced outlook.
This book is for parents of children up to six years of age. The book provides insight into a resilient mind and how parents can help their child through nurturing, support, connection, and strategies to build skills to cope with these changes and challenges. This book shall provide you with suggestions to handle the situations in a way that helps him to grow stronger and become emotionally and socially better adjusted. This book also deals with how the teachers can continue to reinforce resilience in the child in the classroom.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Kinder Ready?
Chapter 2: Resilience
Chapter 3: A Resilient Child
Chapter 4: Resilience Development
Chapter 5: Support And Connection
Chapter 6: Confidence
Chapter 7: Coping Skills
Chapter 8: Classroom Strategies
Chapter 9: Early Signs Of Difficulty

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